Moving home

Never enter into a battle of wits with an automated program… you will come off second best. Today I had the happy news that I was offered a place at Griffith University on the Gold Coast studying a Bachelor of Communication. DRINKS ALL AROUND!

Student Concession Prices!! BOOYAH

I was a jubilant character for the next half hour until I decided that I was going to go ahead and enrol in my classes for first semester. You need a flippin’ degree just to sort out your timetable. Two phone a friends, one busted screen and several words that I am not at liberty to publish later and I still have a hole in my schedule… and while I am sure I will need the spare time to catch up on reading or whatever uni students do while not being uni students, I’m thinking that missing an entire subject is probably not a fabulous idea. Tomorrow I will make some very heated phone calls… stay tuned.

In other news… guess who is moving back home. BINGO. I am packing all my worldly possessions, along with my independence and my dignity into several large boxes and moving everything back to Mumsy’s house. That woman should really be in sales because when it came to selling her product (the spare rooms) she really made it hard to say no.

Roughly this is what it looked like:-

Are you tired of bills? Sick of wondering how you’re going to pay your rent? Don’t you just wish that there was some way to avoid all those hassles and just get on with living your life? Well here at Mumsy Inc. we believe that we’ve found the answer to all your problems. Move back home. This charming package comes with the large back bedroom next to the kitchen. The fridge being less than 10 steps from your bedroom door makes midnight snacking times even easier. But that’s not all folks. Move in before the end of the month and we will throw in the main bathroom, the other spare room for a study and all rights to the kitchen. Call now and we’ll waive the curfew and throw in free taxi service.

Clare: SOLD! Where do I sign.

But seriously, Im really going to miss my antics with my housemate. We really do make a lovely team. I am consoled however because I’m thinking of the amazing blog fodder living with Mumsy is going to provide. It’s going to be epic.

So I’m going back to school and back home all in the same month… wish me luck


How’s that for Spontaneity?

I am caught somewhere between euphoria and blind panic. Once again Clare has jumped out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. Lets just hope that this time I don’t get burnt.

I resigned yesterday. After working for this company for 28 months, I came back from my lunch break, took a look at my desk and decided that I didn’t want to sit there anymore. So I wrote my resignation letter, sent it to the business owner and went about my business.

I’m a planner by nature. I make lists, I consult these lists. I write out more lists of pros and cons and then ask everyone else what they think I should do. After that I call both my mothers asking them what they would do in my position and then I will make a decision, sweat about it for a month before following through.

Only once in my life have I made a life changing decision on the spur of the moment. June last year, I printed out 4 different hair styles, got the girls in the office to vote on their favorite and ended up with hair like this

oh yes... a bob with bangs...

which was fine until everyone I saw told me that they just mistook me for my mother. I look back on it as a life lesson, and it will live on forever as one of those crazy things I did in my youth. I will store it away with my other life lessons and bring it out only when I need to prove to my children that I was young and reckless once too.

This time thought I decided to take my life into my own hands and do something that I want to do, based solely on the fact that I really want to do it. I’m not going to be a receptionist for the rest of my life. I have no idea what exactly the rest of my life is going to look like, but sitting behind a desk being at the beck and call of every man and his dog is definitely not it.

So my genius plan for the future? Your guess is as good as mine. Something fabulous will come up and I will love it. I will wake up and want to go to work for once. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Nappies as far as the eye can see

I wrote this while Sister Dear and Sister Dear’s husband were still on their cross cultural journey. I thought I would let you see what I went through while my sweet sibling was off getting a fabulous tan.


 Sister Dear and Sister Dear’s Husband are on the last leg of their journey, sailing somewhere around Hawaii and as such I have been getting my Maternal freak on for the past few days. Nappies to be changed, noses to wipe, jammed fingers to kiss better and food to shovel into unwilling mouths when least expected.

Rhyno who is well and truly into his terrible twos thinks he is both indestructible and beyond reproach because he is forever finding things to jump off of and usually lands on either myself or Chubbling. Chubbling who is rapidly approaching his first birthday seems to have mistaken me for his mother and now has a meltdown every time I move out of his direct line of sight, which sets off Rhyno  who then throws himself crying inconsolably into my arms for no particular reason and leaving me with two crying toddlers to content with.

Added to this us Chubbling’s new-found walking abilities, and in a house with a sunken lounge and split levels this is really no laughing matter. In an attempt to stop him from cracking his head open I’ve started putting piles of cushions at the bottom of every step so at least if he does fall he will have a soft landing. The last thing I want is for Sister Dear to arrive home to a child in a coma.

I have lost count of the number of nappies I’ve changed. Rhyno, who seems to have forgotten that he was toilet trained has re-discovered the joys having a portable toilet firmly secured to his rear end. I am sorry but as much as I love my nephews, I draw the line at scrubbing ‘little accidents’ out of the living room rug while Rhyno skips merrily about his business doing his business on whichever surface tickles his fancy.

She'd outpester any pest

All single mothers out there, I heartily take my hat off to you all. After one week with two children I’m just about ready to give up on the whole institution of parenthood. I’m sure I will change my mind eventually but right now I am almost decided to join a convent at the next available opportunity. I’m sure I would look rather dashing in a Maria-esk get up. Captain Von Trapp eat your heart out.

“Get thee to a Nunnery”

What is in a name?

Good Morrow Blogosphere! This post is proudly brought to you by The Lady in the Office who just got me Hotcakes for Breakfast.

I have been thinking as I am usually want to do about things in general, and my Blog Title in particular. As you may or may not be aware, when I started this blog I was in this strange limbo-land. Emotional, mental and spiritual limbo. I was convinced that it was in my nature to keep searching for that evasive happiness which like the end of the rainbow would always be just out of reach.

Like Cain I had resigned myself to the fate of the restless wanderer, without a clear destination, purpose or dream, living with a Gypsy in my heart, unable to settle.

As Lewis Carol so aptly put:

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Every morning I would wake to two paths and while still rubbing the sleep from my eyes I was forced day after day to pick a path, hoping that nothing unpleasant would greet me as I turned the page.

I do not want to live this way anymore. Life is a journey and because of the joy set before me I will continue to seek that pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. However, I was not meant to live like the restless wanderer Cain was cursed to be. I may not be aware of it at this point in time but I am convinced that there is a greater purpose in my life than to wake up and survive another day.

Instead of misdirected and uncertain steps, I want to take bounding leaps of faith.

So, I come as I inevitably must to the point. I think I want to change my name from Gypsy Heart to something else, and because I think you are all rather fabulous I would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Whether you think I should keep the name or whether you think I should change it; and if so what would you suggest I change it to.

Last Hurrah

1st July 2010, the beginning of the end. In exactly 29 days I will be turning 20. While the more ‘mature’ among you will scoff at my predicament thinking that as a young ankle-biter 20 is nothing in the greater scheme of things. My argument to all of you is that  first of all, in 29 days I will cease to be a teenager, thus I will no longer be all-knowing  and infinitely wise. Secondly and far more importantly, is that my teenage years have been fairly non-distinct.

I haven’t done anything that most people would call outrageous or rash or indecent. I have been a reasonably model citizen for the past 10 years and apart from the odd strange outing with other members of the Swiss Family Awesome I have done nothing hugely out of the ordinary.

So… I am compiling a list of 20 things that I have to do before I turn 20 and will no longer be able to be petulant, childish, moody or sullen. Here goes

1. Be chased by security guard

2. Ride a bike down a steep hill even though I know my breaks don’t work

3. Do an all-nighter and wake up in someone’s hedge

4. Hitchhike

5. Spit off a bridge at passers-by

6. Spend a full day eating nothing but corn chips, marshmallows and choc bits

7. Moon a train

8. Steal someone’s garden gnome

9. Prank call a pizza place

10. Spend all day watching cartoons

11. Get a facial piercing/temporary tatoo

12.  Ask a stranger for bus money

13. Bum a smoke

14. ‘wag’ work

15. Wear fluro colours for no apparent reason

16. Sneak into a cinema

17. Blow up someone’s mail box

18. Flash Mob in a shopping centre

19. Tell a child that Santa doesn’t exist

20. Tweet about everything that happens in my life

I think that is about it. So at least if I am going to enter this wide world of twenty something people I will do so with some quality life experience behind me.

Wish me luck 🙂