Left Behind

Holidays for me always have an unsavoury way of being a little dull and monotonous. What with the whole uni student schedule, I have found myself in possession of nearly 4 whole months of empty summer holidays to fill. Granted I have exhausted two of them, but I am still staring down the barrel of two months with next to nothing to do to fill all these empty slots in my weekly planner. Now most people would plan to do something worthwhile with all this glorious spare time. Travel, get a day job, find a cure for cancer, knit a sweater… But not this chickadee my dear readers. Instead of some daring, galant and otherwise brilliant plan, I have decided to do absolutely nothing of interest. I am spending my holidays hanging around at home or begging my assortment of friendly chums to hang out with me.

Along with this, I have the unhappy occasion to report that my bestest buddy in the whole world has upped and decided to travel to the land of sushi and cartoons with abnormally large eyes and unlikely coloured hair.

PINK? Are they serious?!?

That is right. Marley, my eternal chum and co-founder of the Brandytook Sisterhood of EPIC AWESOMENESS is in Japan, cavorting through the snow like a little… snow cavorter and I am here… Trying to whittle away the time until she gets back.

Similarly, my brand new friend of the romantic variety is getting his travel freak on and is going to Fiji for 2 weeks, starting tomorrow. I don’t mean to be a cry baby or anything, because as you all know I am really very tough and full of brawn and stuff… but am feeling a little left behind. I know that they are both off doing spectacular things for the good of mankind and other people in general, and it would be more than a smidgen selfish of me to want them to remain behind on my account, but the little whiney side of my otherwise shining personality wishes that they were here anyway.

So if any of you have any notions on what I should do with my time, to distract me from my pitiful state of wallowing until they return, I would be greatly happy and stuff, and I will sing you a ditty and blow you a kiss. I have been toying with the crazy notion of writing a book… but am undecided, which isn’t an alien state for me to be in. I take indecision seriously!



2011 in a Nutshell

I am so boring! I have no blog fodder. I haven’t posted anything all year and I can’t think of a single thing to write about. So much has happened and I havent had a single solitary thing to say about anything… IN TWELVE MONTHS!! I am so lame. How any of you have been able to remain friends with me is absolutely beyond my capabilities to comprehend. I used to be fun… and funny… and now, I sit here on my bed, typing away about the fact that I have nothing to type away about. I am a living, breathing contradiction. What is wrong with me dear readers? What is it that I am missing from my genetic, biochemical makeup that enabled me to ramble on so brilliantly before? Maybe it was dietary? Though I highly doubt it…

Anyway… in the absence of anything witty, intelligent or hilarious to relate to you I will instead give you a very boring rundown on the last 12 months that you have all missed out on as well as an update on what is new with me.

1. I have finished my first year of uni… sort of. Due to a brain malfunction at the end of first semester I didn’t actually complete any of my courses so I have to repeat a couple of them, tacking an extra semester onto the end of my degree, which sucks but is unavoidable so there is no point crying over it readers… here… use my hanky.

2. Little brother moved out and has a job… AND I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING! I saw him use his key card…  And it actually worked. He buys things with real money and he has a social life that I am not funding. Don’t stress out, it shocks me too.

3. I am singing again. After a couple of unpleasant happenings when I left school I stopped singing, but at the beginning of this year I gave it another go. It was a little scary at first, and I still haven’t sung in front of my family, but I’m leading in my church worship team and I love it more than I can say. Never thought I’d say this again but singing makes me happy.

4. I moved back out of Mumsy’s house. Now you all know how much I enjoy Mumsy’s company (Why is there no sarcasm font?) But I just had to get out of that house before I walloped her to within an inch of her life with a stuffed wombat. Now I am a little peculiar at the best of times, I am a little odd, a tad zany and at times I have been called downright weird. But my mother makes me look like a freakishly normal person who never does anything slightly unexpected. IT’S SO ANNOYING! But I love her… deep down… deeper….. deeeeeeper…

Behold the giant blue head!!

5. I have found my long-lost evil twin. MEGAMIND! We (youth group people of interest) were watching this excellent movie and all my fantastical chums were making mention of the alarming similarities (not physical obviously… do I look blue to you??) between my own spectacular self and this meglomanic man with the enormous blue noggin. Granted, my dreams of being an evil overlord and his actually being an evil overlord may have something to do with it…

6. I joined the iRevolution.

7. I realised a lot of things about myself. Some I’m not overly proud of and some I will eventually work up the courage to post here for my readers fair to see, but all of it I am glad to have found out. Sort of a self-discovery thing… but without the old asian guy acting as my guru dude.

8. I met a guy. Lets call him Bob. I met Bob. Our relationship so far has been far from normal as far as dating goes. And after 6-7 months of waiting in a fishbowl while every one of our acquaintance and some randoms gawked in on us, giving us their opinions on how to enter into this abyss known as ‘A Relationship’, he asked me out. Which, just quietly, I am kinda over the moon about. He is nice and I promise that you will all like him. If you’re very lucky I may even introduce him to you, though you must promise to behave readers, I can’t have you scaring him off… I plan on keeping this one.

Well I am sure that there are many more fabulous things that I have forgotten to mention to you, but this is far too much for your delicate minds to grasp all in one information hit so I will leave you to digest what I have written and I plan on getting back in touch with you all very soon. Until then, thanks for not deserting me, I love you all.