Nemesis with a word limit

Through a series of odd occurrences, namely, Mumsy being Mumsy, I have found myself escaped to my favorite coffee shop, while I try to whittle away the word limits on not one but 3 essays that I have due in the next couple of days. Needless to say, I am nearing the edge of the pit of despair and am starting to think that maybe spending the rest of my life working at maccas is not as bad as I previously thought.

It is my own silly fault. I let everything pile up and now I have everything to do and no time to do it in. I have a mountain of work and a gradually declining reserve of willpower to do it all with. I hate research and essay writing and it appears that university is pretty much made up of those two things, and they both go hand in hand. I don’t even have the energy to be funny 😦

So that’s all from me right now… that and I’ve taken up Mixed Martial Arts, so at least when my tutors fail me I can beat them up afterwards…


4 thoughts on “Nemesis with a word limit

  1. That is my clearest memory of all of the years of schooling I suffered through in college and beyond. That feeling of always having something you should be doing, some project which you should be working on, the research that really could be more complete, and the writing, editing and crumpled into balls in the trash can. I feel your pain.
    Hang on, you will do fine. Deep breath, stretches, and lots of strong coffee will see you through it all.

  2. MMA, hey? I did some Judo last year and got promoted to yellow belt! That was just before I started work and quit Judo. Be sure to tell us how that goes for you 🙂

  3. I always seemed to be running to catch up too but somehow we manage something that will do. It was always the feeling that I could do better if only I had the time that was most painful. My sister on the other hand was always ready early!! I guess some of us just need the discipline of deadlines to finish anything at all. Good luck:)

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