AGMF… Thank God It’s Over!!!

Greetings sweet peas!

SUPPLIES!! hehe… sorry I couldn’t resist

Anywho… so, AGMF is done for another year and so begins the epic countdown untill 2011 which hopefully will be more fabulous than this year which I feel I must say was sadly lacking in PIZZAZ…

Couple of highlights… Fancy Pants Ball, Newsboys, New Empire and sitting under the gazebo back at the tent which I think I spent most of the weekend doing… Showers actually have improved slightly with the addition of hooks to hold the curtains in place but still not the most pleasant thing I have been forced to do, and my phone lasted ALL WEEKEND which is a first.

Couple of lowlights… Hardly any decent bands, and As I lay Dying mosh pit was a spinning human buzz saw of untold misery and despair which landed many people with injuries… and the music was very average (if you call screaming in time with noise music).

Back to the point of my post though, Marley and I have decided that in order to make next year better than this year we are going to compile a list of things that we are going to bring to improve the camping experience.

  • Separate tent for boys… Not that they don’t provide interesting conversation, but they do make quite alot of mess…
  • More tarps so we can keep the sun out.
  • Chairs and table
  • More esky space
  • some sort of pantry or food organisation system
  • locate closer to the toilets and showers and food cooking facilities
  • stick for bashing rude, inconsiderate neighbors
  • The rest of Swiss Family Awesome
  • Homey touch (like potted plants, rugs and a couch)
  • Flag
  • Light

Thats all my buffudled brain can think of at this stage… even after 9 hours of blissful sleep on a real bed with actual walls separating me from the closest person I am exhausted!! So untill next time… Toodle Pip wot wot and all that

🙂 Clare